EastGate Biotech Expands Pipeline to Alzheimer’s Disease Using its Alternative Insulin Delivery Platform

EastGate Biotech Corp. announced today that it has initiated plans to expand its alternative insulin delivery portfolio to apply to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.


WEST CALDWELL, NJ and TORONTO, ON /NEWMEDIAWIRE/ November 13, 2019/ EastGate Biotech Corp. (OTC: PINK: ETBI), a pharmaceutical company, that focuses on innovative technological developments specifically in insulin drug delivery for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, announced today that it has initiated plans to expand its alternative insulin delivery portfolio to apply to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  The initial plan is to determine the most patient-friendly and effective delivery of the company’s innovative insulin solution to treat the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  The company is currently evaluating its options in this proof of concept trial, which could be company-sponsored or a collaboration.  The primary endpoint of Alzheimer’s disease is delaying the progression of the disease which is measured in terms of stabilization of memory loss and improvement in the status of self-care.


A prevalent theory amongst the medical community that is attracting some attention is that Alzheimer’s disease is categorized as Type 3 diabetes.  Insulin is critical to brain function and plays a significant role in learning and memory.  According to scientific publications, researchers recently discovered that insulin receptors also exist in the brain.  The treatment challenge is getting insulin across the blood-brain barrier.  Once across the blood-brain barrier, the insulin is capable of dissolving the Amyloid Beta Plaque that prevents the proper electrical signaling of the neurons.  If insulin cannot reach the brain, learning and memory may be compromised leading to Alzheimer’s disease, or what is now being recognized as Type 3 diabetes.  Standard insulin injections are unable to cross the blood-brain barrier, but it is theorized that EastGate’s oral formulation may be able to cross over into the brain.


As the U.S. population ages, Alzheimer’s disease has become a growing problem.  The disease is the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death.  Approximately,1 in 8 Americans ages 65 and over has Alzheimer’s, while nearly half, will have the disease once they reach the age of 85.  People who have diabetes are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease as those without diabetes, according to the latest Neurology study.  As such, it is assumed that there is a correlation:  nearly 26 million Americans with diabetes grow older, the number of Alzheimer’s cases may increase as well.


Insulin is a well-known protein and the company’s focus on alternative insulin delivery systems may allow for a quick-to-market treatment for Alzheimer’s versus long term research with new molecules.   The company is in the process of developing an insulin protocol that will work best with Alzheimer’s patients.


“We are excited about expanding our pipeline with our liquid insulin formulation”, says Anna Gluskin, CEO of EastGate Biotech. “As we believe that our liquid insulin formulation is robust. We want to exhaust all possible applications with varying delivery options before developing other drugs utilizing our innovative delivery system.  Alzheimer’s disease, along with diabetes, is growing at a rapid pace and simple and effective solutions with existing proteins could impact the treatment paradigm.  The emotional and financial cost involved with Alzheimer’s disease is affecting individual patients, their families, healthcare systems, and early treatment can delay the disease whereby the patient can continue to focus on self-care”, concluded Anna Gluskin.


“This move into the Alzheimer’s indication is part of our paradigm changing strategy of drug development” stated Bill Abajian, Chief Operating Officer of EastGate Biotech.  “We are small biotech and we are diligently executing on our development plan.  Developing Alzheimer’s makes us more attractive as a licensing play.  Just recently we have seen big pharma restart development of a failed Alzheimer drug to simply capitalize on the huge void in this indication. We are very excited to enter this indication with solid research backing our thesis because Alzheimer’s has blockbuster potential, and there is virtually no competition.  If our proof of concept is successful, we could be one of the leaders in this indication.  This move also serves to shore up our fundamental story.  I hope investors have noticed our current filing status with OTC markets.  Achieving this milestone is a stepping stone for a potential uplisting that could bring even more liquidity and enhance shareholder value.  The shareholder is at the core of our strategy, and transparency in communications should keep shareholders interested, energized, and excited about our development trajectory.”



About EastGate Biotech

EastGate Biotech focuses on innovative technological developments and produces and distributes innovative drug compounds and healthy nutraceuticals that are based on natural therapies absorbed by the body. We utilize advanced nanotechnologies and alternative delivery systems that make it difficult to deliver compounds and deliver them using our nanotechnology platform which ultimately increases the bioavailability to the body. Using our methods of delivery provides healthy alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals that all-too-often create dangerous side-effects and unexpected consequences for those trying to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. EastGate’s wholly-owned subsidiary Omni Surgery and Anti-Aging Centre are the first of many surgery centers to come under the Omni umbrella as we plan to roll up existing business under the Omni brand and expand our footprint globally.


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