EastGate Biotech Technologies: Our Process

EastGate Biotech develops products in which the active components are incorporated into vehicles containing nano-sized delivery vectors, including: oil droplets (nanoemulsions), polymeric particles (nanoparticles), and the combination of polymers and lipids with surfactants (hybrid nanoparticles, nanocapsules, mixed micelles).

Delivering Essential Absorption

The size of these delivery systems is in range of 1-300 nanometers (i.e., 200-4000 times smaller than the size of red blood cells). Such tiny particles and droplets easily penetrate between cells, show very fast absorption, and can reach locations in the body that are difficult to reach through traditional delivery methods.

Bringing Excellence in Essential Quality to You

Nanoemulsions have excellent taste, masking, and improved bioavailability for oral use, and they also provide fine cosmetic properties for skin applications.

Your Safety and Health is our Priority

EastGate Biotech places the utmost importance on using only safe, fully biodegradable, and biocompatible pharmaceutical components for preparation of such delivery systems that have been well tested.