Absolute dedication of our research team to deliver the best possible natural healing medication and other products.

Providing an avenue to healthy living is the prime goal of EastGate Biotech. As our product line grows, so too will our holistic approach and our capacity to address the many health challenges confronting us.

E-Drops NANO

Created with Eastgate Pharmaceuticals  proprietary nano technology, E-drops NANO (NPN #80030783) has been used to effectively combat urinary and vaginal tract infections. The plant essential oils of E-drops NANO contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties.These work to form a thin protective layer on the walls of the urinary tract to prevent bacterial growth.  

Essential D

Prepared through nanotechnology, Essential D (NPN#80037273) is an enhanced Vitamin D3, working to improve the body’s digestive, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Though the body will produce Vitamin D with sufficient exposure to the sun, many people do not avail themselves to enough sunshine, and so their Vitamin D is lacking. Essential D works with the body toward establishing and maintaining a well balanced system.


Natural product that will increase body sensitivity to insulin. Great for diabetics to lower daily intake of insulin. Recommended for pre-diabetic patients to avoid taking insulin. GluCora (NPN# 80057426) also prevents fat deposition. GluCora soft gelatin capsules improve energy supply and prevent fat formation from excessive amounts of sugar. The capsules contain highly bioavailable combination of Banaba extract (18% Corosolic acid) and Alpha-Lipoic acid.


VCleanzz is an antibacterial wash for fruits and vegetables. The product is all natural, safe, strong, and non-toxic, that has minimal impact on beneficial bacteria. VCleanzz is hypo-allergenic and completely biodegradable. The product kills E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria. It eliminates viral, fungal and bacterial contamination.


Cleanezze (NPN#80041250) is a natural hand sanitizer that will not dry or crack skin. Made from a combination of full strength herbal extracts and essential oils for prolonged protection Cleanezze creates a protective ¬film that nourishes the skin and provides long lasting anti bacterial protection. Cleanezze is a complete antimicrobial solution that provides long lasting protection against 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Further, CleanEzze will prevent bacteria from attaching and growing on skin.

Warts X

Warts X (NPN#80041153) is a natural herbal product that quickly and effectively treats warts. WartsX is an antiviral product that is designed to attack the HPV virus directly and not the cell carrying the Virus. Two applications a day maintain the concentration needed to keep working.