EastGate Biotech Appoints World Renown Diabetes Key Opinion Leader Dr Lalit Upadhyay for Upcoming Initiatives

Key Opinion Leader spreading awareness of diabetes endorses the company’s liquid insulin mouth rinse solution for Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes patients


WEST CALDWELL, NJ and TORONTO, November 19, 2018 (AccessNewswire) Eastgate Biotech Corp. (PinkSheets: ETBI), a pharmaceutical company that focuses on innovative technological developments specifically in insulin drug delivery for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, appointed key advisor Dr. Lalit Upadhyay to be the diabetes ambassador to help drive awareness of the company’s liquid insulin mouth rinse solution for Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes patients.

Dr. Lalit has devoted his life messaging that managing glucose levels in the body is the first line of defense against treating the deadly disease of diabetes. He is both a physician and a pharmacist in India, which is known as the Diabetes Capital of the World, due to the 84 million people living with diabetes in his country.  He is extremely active in the medical community as president of an international non-profit United World Against Diabetes (UWAD), chief editor of Diabetes Free India magazine, scientific director of Vedic Holistic Medicines & Research Foundation, and medical journalist for the All India Press Club.  For years he has been running an advocacy campaign for public health access to essential medicines and insulin at an affordable price.  His work has been focused on conducting public health surveys and getting studies published for general public awareness and reports that encourage government action.

“We already know that there is no magic pill that can make type 2 diabetes go away because big pharma has tried so many times and failed because there simply is no better substitute than insulin itself,” said Dr. Lalit.  “Tricking the body to produce more insulin is not the answer.  The only way to truly attack this epidemic disease is to effectively manage glucose levels.  In developed countries, through needles and pinpricks and monitoring devices, we can manage glucose but the issue is scalability and patient compliance.  The world needs an innovative delivery system that patients can take easily.  Oral insulin has eluded us for over 90 years and I believe Eastgate Biotech’s oral insulin mouth rinse is the answer to managing glucose levels because any product that can reduce HbA1c by even 1% can have a profound effect on the reduction of complications by 30% that arise from diabetes. It is now my mission to make sure that institutions like the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Association are aware of Eastgate Biotech’s initiatives.  We cannot wait a moment longer.  We must address this epidemic now, and Eastgate’s oral insulin mouth rinse is a vital tool in controlling this epidemic in India and around the world.”

“Within a population of 1.3 billion we found the ideal candidate to carry the torch of an oral insulin mouth rinse for the masses,” said Anna Gluskin CEO of Eastgate Biotech.  “Dr. Lalit has always believed there has to be a better way to deliver insulin that is also cost-effective.  Now we have him on our team where he will play a pivotal role as an advocate toward getting the right people and government policies in place that cover the costs and mass distribution of our liquid insulin mouth rinse.  He is also an asset to us in the Southeast Asian market because his influence in the area of insulin suppliers and advocacy stretches well beyond India.  Dr. Lalit’s endorsement in some of the countries we are targeting is worth more than currency because he can open doors we wouldn’t have even knocked on.”

Rose Perri, President of Eastgate said, “The month of November is Diabetes Month and to mark Eastgate’s commitment to our new advisor we have contributed to the UWAD enough medicine for 50 diabetic patients to cover the cost of one month’s supply.  We look forward to working closely with Dr. Lalit as he can provide valuable information and knowledge about the South East Asian and Asian markets within which will be our initial focus.  We hope to add more expertise from that part of the world to our team in the near future.”


About Eastgate Biotech


Eastgate Biotech focuses on innovative technological developments and produces and distributes innovative drug compounds and healthy nutraceuticals that are based on natural therapies absorbed by the body. We utilize advanced nanotechnologies and alternative delivery systems that take difficult to deliver compounds and deliver them using our nanotechnology platform which ultimately increases the bioavailability to the body.  Using our methods of delivery provides healthy alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals that all-too-often create dangerous side-effects and unexpected consequences for those trying to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eastgate’s wholly owned subsidiary Omni Surgery and Anti-Aging Centre are the first of many surgery centers to come under the Omni umbrella as we plan to roll up existing business under the Omni brand and expand our footprint globally.


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