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SALT LAKE CITY and TORONTO, June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —  EastGate Acquisitions Corporation (OTCBB:  ESAQ), an emerging pharmaceutical company exploring drug delivery innovations in the development of improved novel formulations and alternative dosage forms of existing biologically active molecules expands on its pharmaceutical research and development plans.

EastGate has entered into a working collaboration with Dr. Peter Carlen, leading neurologist at Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, to investigate and conduct experiments with the intraoral Lorazepam Spray which is a highly responsive, fast-acting formulation based on the company’s proprietary transmucosal delivery system for intraoral administration.

The intraoral Lorazepam Spray is a new transmucosal non-invasive solution for the treatment of acute and repetitive seizures. This spray is a low volume, oral anti-convulsant formulation of Lorazepam designed to be a quick and effective treatment of acute seizures in hospital, home or ambulatory settings. This delivery form of the most potent anticonvulsant is an exceptionally convenient alternative to injectable benzodiazepines that efficiently control epileptic emergencies. The transmucosal oral spray formulation can be used by the patient, paramedics, or any other available non-trained person, even during an ongoing seizure.

The primary goal of this project is to provide a safe and effective anti-seizure medication to a patient to stop seizures in the shortest period of time. Utilising company’s proprietary delivery system, the Lorazepam Spray delivers the drug through the mucosal lining of the mouth directly into the blood stream. This direct buccal and sublingual absorption of Lorazepam into the blood stream provides the desired rapid delivery of the drug to the brain. The spray combines fast absorption, substantial transmucosal penetration and efficient seizure suppression. In addition to being self-administered, an oral administration provides the flexibility to any available person on the scene, be it family members, caregivers or paramedics. Another key benefit of the Lorazepam Spray is that it can be used at any point during a seizure, even if the patient’s mouth is clenched shut as it can be applied directly to the gum or lip mucosa.

Experimental results under the direction of Dr. Peter Carlen, supported by the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) grants, clearly demonstrated the possibility of preparing a highly loaded low volume spray formulation of Lorazepam. Several formulations were tested for anticonvulsant activity in the animal model and some of them revealed a high level of protection against chemically induced seizures. The anticonvulsive action, achieved after Lorazepam spray administration, was practically on par with effect of the same drug dose, delivered via injection. Further development of the oral spray of Lorazepam will focus on speeding up the onset of the anticonvulsive effect.

“Convulsing epileptics need to have access to an easily administered, rapidly acting anticonvulsant, which can be given outside of the hospital/clinical setting. This spray technology, providing rapid anticonvulsant protection/prevention, can easily be administered by the patients themselves if they have a warning or aura of an imminent seizure, or by a nearby caregiver, if they are undergoing a seizure. This product will provide great benefit for seizure prevention or diminution, and a greater sense of security both for the patient and families of epileptics. As a treating clinician, I look forward to when patients and/or their families will be able to use this spray technology to take better control of their epilepsy”, says Dr. Peter Carlen.
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“We are very excited by this research development and in particular this collaboration with Dr. Peter Carlen” says Anna Gluskin , EastGate’s CEO. “Our innovative product will directly address patient needs for fast onset of treatment and encourage self-administration which will minimize hospital care and health care economics.” “Working with Dr. Peter Carlen and his team will provide invaluable feedback as the company progresses through the clinical and regulatory path”, concludes Gluskin.




The rate of prolonged epileptic seizures (status epilepticus)in the USA is estimated at around 150,000 cases per year. Additionally, about 400,000 patients per year suffer from repetitive (cluster) seizures. These critical conditions lead to over 40,000 deaths each year in the US. Treatment of status epilpeticus and repetitive seizures normally requires hospitalization, and emergency treatment involves the intravenous administration of anticonvulsant drugs. Any delay in proper treatment can increase the mortality rate.


About EastGate Acquisitions Corporation
EastGate Acquisitions Corporation with locations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Toronto, Canada, is a pharmaceutical company aimed at utilizing drug delivery innovations for developing of improved novel formulations and alternative dosage forms of existing biologically active molecules.   The Company’s model is based on a two-tier business approach that includes development of novel pharmaceutical products and innovative dietary supplements.  Both pharmaceutical products and natural supplements are developed using highly effective contemporary technologies and demonstrated already proven usefulness in improvement of bioavailability and biological action of incorporated molecules.  The Company’s product candidates address various pharmaceutical markets, including neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and panic attacks, infectious diseases and diabetes.   Our natural dietary supplements, also an integral part of our R&D program, include compositions for glucose regulations, urinary tract health improvement, enhanced vitamin delivery and skin conditions.  EastGate is working to expand its current product portfolio through targeted investments in pharmaceutical research and development.  We are working closely with clinicians and patient advocate groups worldwide to identify existing health issues where EastGate’s approach will be most beneficial for patient care.   For more information, please visit the company’s website at


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