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EastGate Acquisitions Announces Expansion of its Pharmaceutical Developments Implementing its Sub-Micron Platform Technology

New pharmaceutical development opens up entry into blockbuster markets

SALT LAKE CITY and TORONTO, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — EastGate Acquisitions

Corporation (OTCBB: ESAQ), an emerging pharmaceutical company exploring drug delivery

innovations in the development of improved novel formulations and alternative dosage forms of

existing biologically active molecules announces expansion of its pharmaceutical development

implementing its sub-micron platform technology. The company’s new development

direction includes large molecule drugs that will address indications in diabetes and the overall

metabolic syndrome.

The company’s sub-micron technology allows for development of harmonized formulations

and better absorption. To date, the company has demonstrated initial proven success of the

technology with Lorazepam in animals. In its application for specific pharmaceutical molecules

the company has been able to achieve positive results with drugs that are currently injected. The

company continues the development of its transmucosal Lorazepam Spray for the treatment of

acute seizures.

After much exploratory work the company has expanded its research to include the delivery

of large molecules, such as insulin and other peptides through an intraoral route. The delivery

methods considered for intraoral insulin formulation includes liquid, semi-solid and other types

of sub-micron compositions; all of which are delivered in the mouth for intraoral absorption.

Initial testing of some insulin formulations for glucose control have been conducted with

successful results. Future plans for next steps are currently being designed.

Intraoral insulin opens up the opportunity to enter into and play a role in the enormous and fast-
growing diabetes and metabolic syndrome treatment markets. There are currently 347 million

diabetes patients throughout the world and 36 million in the United States alone. This diabetes

product platform will be an avenue to be used by the critical masses.

“We are planning to finalize the details of the development, clinical and regulatory plan for our

intraoral insulin platform soon,” says Anna Gluskin, EastGate’s CEO. “This diabetes-focused

development will achieve opportunities on a number of fronts—it continues to validate our sub-
micron technology; opens up opportunities to enter large blockbuster markets servicing the

growing chronic diabetes patient population and provides shareholders with an exciting and

value-added exit strategy,” states Gluskin.

About EastGate Acquisitions Corporation

EastGate Acquisitions Corporation with locations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Toronto, Canada,

is a pharmaceutical company aimed at utilizing drug delivery innovations for developing of

improved novel formulations and alternative dosage forms of existing biologically active

molecules. The Company’s model is based on a two-tier business approach that includes

development of novel pharmaceutical products and innovative dietary supplements. Both

pharmaceutical products and natural supplements are developed using highly effective

contemporary technologies and demonstrated already proven usefulness in improvement

of bioavailability and biological action of incorporated molecules. The Company’s product

candidates address various pharmaceutical markets, including neurological disorders, such as

epilepsy and panic attacks, infectious diseases and diabetes. Our natural dietary supplements,

also an integral part of our R&D program, include compositions for glucose regulations,

urinary tract health improvement, enhanced vitamin delivery and skin conditions. EastGate is

working to expand its current product portfolio through targeted investments in pharmaceutical

research and development. We are working closely with clinicians and patient advocate

groups worldwide to identify existing health issues where EastGate’s approach will be most

beneficial for patient care. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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